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Steel Industry

Mould Level Gauge LB 352

The Berthold mold level gauge is designed for measuring the level of molten metal during the continuous casting of billets, blooms or stabs, primarily for the steel industry.

The Berthold system detects actual molten metal level in the mold, within a measuring range of approximately 4 to 8 inches. Automatic control of the caster is also possible, in conjunction with controllers and actuators that adjust stopper rods, slide gates or withdrawal speed. In addition, automatic caster start-up or shutdown is facilitated using the signals provided by the Berthold system.

Density Meter LB 444

The measuring system LB 444 is used for contactless, continuous measurement of liquids or bulk materials in pipes and vessels. It can easily be installed on existing pipelines without downtime. It works reliably and is unaffected by color, temperature, pressure, or chemical properties of the product to be measured.


  • Concentration measurement of acids, alkalis, saline solutions and suspensions
  • Crystallization and polymerization monitoring
  • Measurement of the solid matter content in slurry, in flue gas desulphurization suspensions, in aluminum production and in mining.
  • Determination of the bulk density in washing powder and clinker.
A-Sursa liniara si detector punctiform
1-Sursa punctuala sau liniara, 2-Detector liniar sau punctual, 3-Cablu de conexiune, 4-Unitate de evaluare

Bulk Flow Metter LB 442

The LB 442 system is used in the precise mass flow determination of solid matter in a variety of conveyor systems. With many conveyor systems, the radiometric weighing system is the only suitable method for determining mass flow. The Berthold system can also be used to determine the mass flow in “free fall” in pipes or chutes.

The LB 442 provides both the flow rate as well as totaling the mass of solid matter over an individually selectable measuring range from 0-200 kg/h up to 0-10 000 t/h. With the LB 442, measurements can be taken directly after bunker, chute out-lets or transfer systems. From fine powders to large particles weighing more than 10 kg, the LB 442 measuring system is used worldwide.

1- Sursa radioactiva in container tehnologic; 2-Contor de scintilatii; 3-Cadru de asamblare si protectie;4-Tahometru; 5-Bloc electronic de prelucrare si afisare LB442

Moisture Meter LB 350

The Moisture Meter LB 350 has been designed to measure the moisture content of a variety of different products.

For example:

  • in bunkers
  • on weighing tanks
  • on feeding tanks

The large measuring volume of up to 1 meter in diameter assures a representative measured value.

Pickling Analyzer LB 3375D-de

Determination of free acidity and iron content of the LB-3375D has the following advantages:

  • No contact measuring
  • without maintenance device
  • measurements contained in a compact device that uses technology X radiation
  • precisely and lasting long life